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Projects and Writing Samples

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Projects and Writing Samples: Welcome

Baggy Bra


Barb and her daughter Eloise are on a mission to look after the tits of Tydgrath, just as their family have done for generations. Barb loves nothing more than a well-fitting bra and a secret flirt with Tool Shop Ted. But after another exhausting day at work, she hears the Caribbean calling and decides to retire. The business will be in good hands with Eloise, she thinks, until Eloise lets slip that she has bigger dreams. Barb has to choose between herself and her daughter, all while dealing with the customers that wreak havoc in her store.

Baggy Bra is a female-led body-positive, witty show with a warm heart. The show has been performed in Manchester, Hereford, and Brighton. It is a 20-minute three-hander with a 50-minute version on its way!


Rex's War

Television Series

In 1938, Rex Searle, a quiet engineer who dreams of flying, joins a squadron full of millionaires. Like all jobs, Rex has to start on the ground and work his way up come rain, shine, or 400 tons of bombs.

My Great Grandad Rex never talked about the war until I needed help for a school project. I used interviews, photographs, and his peer's accounts to piece his experiences into a television series. The show follows his wartime life from the day he enlisted to his final flight. 'Rex's War' is dedicated to Great Grandad Rex, everyone he served with, and my Great Grandmother.

Rex's War Treatment.png


Published Poem

The last two campers awake have something to confess as they huddle around the campfire.

"Match" was published by Discretionary Love on the 31st of October, 2021. The poem explores a romantic tale through natural imagery.

Beach Bonfire

Photo Credits: Jorge Lizalde, Amanda Hallam Lane.

Feel free to email me if you would like to see more examples of my writing. If you are interested in the above projects, or you would like to enquire about my writing, please contact me through

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