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Theatre Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio of theatre. Currently, I am writing a short play for Pentabus Young Writers which will be professionally produced at The Courtyard, Hereford. Plus, The Hive Collective will stage my latest play in July. Warwick University funded my play "Don't Tell Me You're Afraid" in 2019, then invited me back to write a second play. In 2020, Warwick Pantomime Society voted to perform my Zoom Pantomime "Tangled Web". Last Spring, Feral Productions asked me to write and create site-specific performances of their production "Hush Now" tailored to Sussex. I found my love for writing theatre through my hobbies of improvising, acting, and directing.

If you are interested in my theatre, please contact me through

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Short Naturalistic Play

Think about that person who was your best friend when you were fifteen, but, for whatever reason you haven't talked to them since. Now imagine being stranded with that person.

'Skyscraper' is a ten-minute naturalistic play about reconnection and rural life. 

Green Buildings
Image by Isaiah Rustad

Isabella Says No

Shakespearean Sequel

'Give me your hand and say you will be mine', Duke Vincentio says to Isabella at the end of Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure'. But does Isabella accept his proposal? And what are the consequences of either answer?

'Isabella Says No' is a modern sixth act to 'Measure for Measure' that explores the repercussions of Shakespeare's play through two parallel scenarios.

The Enchantress of Numbers


How does Ada Lovelace, a woman entangled in scandal from birth to death, write the first computer programme one hundred years before computers were built?

This one-hour musical is the first in my anthology of shows that celebrate the female scientists erased from history by 'The Matilda Effect'.

Image by Colours of Turkey

Tangled Web

Online Pantomime

Rapunzel is the girl who has everything: freedom, riches, and a (sort of) loving mother. But Mother Gothel has one rule... Don't go online...

Warwick Pantomime Society voted to perform this script in 2020. Videocalls are woven into the plot to enable the cast to work from home. The show is designed for a large cast with a range of acting experience.

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If you are interested in any of the above projects, or you would like to enquire about my writing, please contact me through

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