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Screenwriting Portfolio

Welcome to my screenwriting portfolio. Recently, I was shortlisted for DYSPLA's Storymaker's Residency (associated with Hat Trick Productions). My pitch was in the top 25 out of 285 pitches. At university, I was awarded a First for my "Advanced Screenwriting" module. I am trained in writing for both film and television.

If you are interested in my writing, please contact me at

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Rex's War Treatment.png

Rex's War

Television Series

In 1938, Rex Searle, a quiet engineer who dreams of flying, joins a squadron full of millionaires. Like all jobs, Rex has to start on the ground and work his way up come rain, shine, or 400 tons of bombs.

My Great Grandad Rex never talked about the war until I needed help for a school project. I used interviews, photographs, and his peer's accounts to piece his experiences into a television series. The show follows his wartime life from the day he enlisted to his final flight. 'Rex's War' is dedicated to Great Grandad Rex, everyone he served with, and my Great Grandmother.

Feel free to email me if you would like to see more examples of my screenwriting. If you are interested in the above project, or you would like to enquire about my writing, please contact me through

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